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Hi everyone, I’m Charlie!

I’ve been living in Japan since 2012 and I’ve loved teaching English here. It has been a passion of mine for the last 10 years to bake healthy and delicious bread. So when I joined Fuji Kindergarten in 2015 and saw their gigantic bakery oven, I knew I wanted to teach bakery classes too!

My grandfather was a baker. He had a shop in London that read “By Royal Appointment” because he had made bread for a royal family event, a huge honour in the UK. I never got to meet him, but whenever I bake bread it makes me feel like I know him somehow.

I am confident that learning how to bake bread will give children a more wholistic appreciation of food.

I love seeing kids faces light up when they try the bread they have just made all by themselves.

How can I find Healthy Bread in Tokyo?

Many bakeries in Japan use ingredients like eggs and milk as standard in their bread (not great if you have allergies), as well as having rising agents and chemicals that allow the dough to rise and bake quickly.

This efficiency is actually bad for the bread, and bad for you when you eat it. Some of these rising agents expand in your stomach, causing that bloated feeling you get when you eat it.

Many people even believe that they are allergic to wheat, when in fact they just have a bad reaction to to dozens of chemicals in commercial bread!

Making bread at home is not only a great way to know that your bread is healthy, but it is also a fun hobby! Making bread at home will impress your friends at dinner parties and give you the chance to introduce your children to a fun new skill that will set them up for a healthy life.

Charlie’s Bread – Private and Small Group Classes


I offer private classes for individuals, families and small groups in your home or at a suitable venue close to you.

Choose from three kinds of bread class:



Wholewheat Bloomer

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